EHS International: Accident Consultancy 

In the realm of workplace safety and risk management, effective accident investigation stands as a cornerstone for improvement. At EHS International, we specialize in providing top-tier accident investigation services to a diverse array of clients and governmental bodies nationwide. Our expertise extends to collaborating with entities like the HSA, clients, and insurance firms, offering impartial third-party investigations into serious accidents or incidents. Following our thorough investigation process, our dedicated accident investigation team furnishes comprehensive reports outlining our findings. 

With a wealth of experience spanning numerous years, EHS International has been at the forefront of incident and accident investigations, serving either as advocates for organizations or fulfilling third-party roles. Should you entrust us to investigate your accident or incident, rest assured that we will leverage our proven methodology. Our primary objective is to glean invaluable insights from the investigation, thereby averting the recurrence of similar events and mitigating avoidable costs for your organization in the future. 

The process of accident investigation typically encompasses two reactive steps: 

Step 1: Accurately identifying the root cause and contributory factors of any accident is paramount. This initial stage of investigation demands precision, as errors here could prove catastrophic. At EHS International, our seasoned experts adeptly guide you through this crucial phase with impartiality and expertise. 

Step 2: Identifying practical and effective control measures to forestall future recurrences is pivotal. These measures, if correctly implemented, can significantly curtail human and financial losses for your organization, be it in terms of fatalities, injuries, or damage to equipment and materials. 

Beyond our core accident investigation services, we also offer additional support, including: 

  • Completion of prescribed forms for the Health and Safety Authority 
  • Representation for companies in dealings with the Health and Safety Authority following serious accidents or incidents 
  • Court attendance for civil claims (both employer and employee) 
  • Court attendance for criminal prosecutions 

Under the Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act 2005, employers bear a general duty to report prescribed accidents and hazardous occurrences to the Health and Safety Authority. Accident and incident investigation, as advocated by EHS International, serves as a vital reactive management tool. It facilitates the learning of crucial lessons from past incidents, identifies underlying technical and organizational causes, and instigates corrective action to prevent recurrence. 

Trust EHS International to be your partner in ensuring workplace safety, mitigating risks, and fostering a culture of proactive accident prevention. 

Partner with EHS International to ensure workplace safety, mitigate risks, and prevent future incidents. Contact us today at +353 (0)21 206 6006 or email us at [email protected] to leverage our expertise in accident investigation and proactive management. 

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