Our people are our strength.  EHS International constituent companies provide us with our core team.  Through our founding companies, our partner companies and our key management team, EHS International offers a full suite of EHS services covering all elements of Training, Consultancy and provision of personnel whether full time or part time secondment or recruitment.  The FOUNDING COMPANIES of EHS International include Ferndale Lane Investments Ltd (Dublin), Ferndale Fire Ltd (Cork & Belfast), Foley Safety Solutions (Dublin & Cork), Carbon TRACC (London), Emergency Fire & Safety (Belfast)

Chris Mee EHS International Senior Team – Our People

Chief Financial Officer and Operations Director

Hazel O Connor

Business Development Director

Derry Cronin

EHS Consultancy DIrector

Pat O’Shea

EHS Training Director

Mary Foley

Recruitment Director

John JP Prout

Fire and Rescue Director

Paul O’Regan

Climate Change Director

Fergal Mee

Technology Director

Chris Rearden

Projects Director

Mick Boyle

Acquisitions and Investment Director

Will Hogan

Strategy and Food Director

Ronan O’Farrell


Ferndale Lane Investments

Chris Mee Investment division seeks out well run and innovative EHS companies to invest in and/or to acquire. We look for like-minded owner founder companies. This division is led by William Hogan, formerly of Quintas Tax Planning division. As an investment entity, we envision ourselves as collaborative, forging partnerships with kindred owner-founders of EHS companies.

ferndale-investmants-1 | Chris Mee EHS International - Our people and our Founding companies | EHS International


Ferndale Fire

Ferndale Fire specialises in providing cutting-edge solutions for extinguishing Lithium Ion Battery Fires, recognizing the unique challenges associated with such fires. As a joint venture between Emergency Fire & Safety (EFS) from Belfast and Ferndale Lane Investments Limited from Cork & Dublin, our expertise in this field is well-established.

ferndale-safety-1 | Chris Mee EHS International - Our people and our Founding companies | EHS International


Foley Safety Solutions

Founded in 1998, by experienced EHS Training & Consultancy professional, Mary Foley, Foley Safety Solutions is our recommended provider of EHS Training & Consultancy services to clients in sectors including Pharmaceutical, Construction, Manufacturing, Insurance, Finance, Public Sector, Government, Food & Drink, Utilities, Transport, Oil & Gas and more.

foley-safety-solutions | Chris Mee EHS International - Our people and our Founding companies | EHS International

Carbon Emissions Management

Carbon TRACC

Founded by Fergal Mee and his team of ISO 14064 & climate change specialists, Carbon TRACC is our recommended provider of Carbon Emissions management including Training and Consultancy in the UK and Ireland.

carbon-tracc | Chris Mee EHS International - Our people and our Founding companies | EHS International

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Joining our group means becoming a part of our team to create a safer and more sustainable future for all. We aim to set industry standards, promote environmental awareness, and positively impact the communities and environments in which we operate. Together, we can forge a path toward a brighter and more secure tomorrow.

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