EHS International: Teambuilding Experience

A New Caliber of Teambuilding 

Our newly developed program draws upon EHS International’s vast experience in fire safety and emergency response, offering participants a teambuilding journey unlike any other. Our program includes: 

  • Escape Simulations: Teams are plunged into realistic, high-pressure emergency scenarios, designed to foster critical thinking and enhance collaboration under duress. 
  • Confined Space Challenges: Participants face both physical and mental trials in our specialized claustrophobic environments and confined space tanks, aimed at boosting problem-solving abilities and strengthening team cohesion. 
  • Firefighting Drills: Teams experience the excitement and collaborative spirit of actual firefighting, utilizing our state-of-the-art clean burn technology in various simulation setups, including flashover units and flange fire scenarios. 

Why EHS International Stands Out 

  • Expertise-Driven Guidance: All teambuilding sessions are led by certified trainers with extensive backgrounds in fire safety and emergency response. 
  • Customized Experiences: We tailor our teambuilding exercises to align with your team’s specific goals and challenges, ensuring an experience that is both relevant and transformative. 
  • Cutting-Edge Facilities: Our facility boasts the latest in training equipment and technology, providing a secure yet stimulating environment for all exercises. 
  • Skill Enhancement: Beyond strengthening team bonds, participants acquire critical safety skills applicable in daily workplace situations. 

Comprehensive EHS Solutions 

Beyond teambuilding, EHS International offers an extensive suite of services including fire-related consultancy (Fire Certificate Applications, HAZOP training, SEVESO consultancy, ATEX consultancy, asbestos services), as well as recruitment, energy, and environmental solutions. We serve as a comprehensive resource for all your EHS needs. 

Transform Your Team with Us 

Opt for EHS International’s Teambuilding Service to cultivate leadership, enhance team dynamics, or simply provide an engaging and memorable experience for your team. Reach out to us to schedule your session and embark on a journey where our specialized expertise helps you achieve new heights in team performance. 

Contact EHS International today and let us help you unlock your team’s potential with an extraordinary teambuilding adventure that’s more than just an exercise—it’s an experience! 


Unlock Team Potential with EHS International’s Premier Teambuilding Experience 

EHS International, recognized as Ireland’s premier Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) provider, proudly unveils our advanced Teambuilding Service, crafted to unleash the full potential of teams across diverse sectors. Nestled within the innovative Research and Development, Fire Rescue Centre in Little Island, Cork, our service offers a distinctive approach to team building, integrating high-octane training with strategic exercises aimed at boosting teamwork, leadership, and decision-making capabilities. 

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