Experience Excellence in Fire Safety Services with EHS International 

In the realm of fire safety services, EHS International stands apart. While many companies focus solely on safety or environmental concerns, we are your all-in-one solution, encompassing EHS – Environmental, Health, and Safety.

Our dedication to the fire industry is evident in our comprehensive range of services. From consultancy to training, recruitment to carbon and climate change services, and specialized fire training and stand-by services, we’ve got you covered. But we don’t stop there.

EHS International is more than just a service provider; we are your partner in creating a workplace culture where safety is paramount. We understand that your people are your greatest asset. Our mission is to help you build a positive safety culture, where every team member chooses to work safely, speaks up, and takes responsibility.

With a team of experts and a full suite of EHS services at your disposal, we’re here to ensure that the fire industry remains safe, secure, and prepared for any challenge. Trust EHS International to safeguard your people and assets, so you can focus on what you do best – saving lives and protecting property.

Unlocking Expertise in Fire Safety Services with EHS International Fire Training At EHS International.

Our commitment to fire safety transcends words, manifesting in our unwavering dedication to protecting lives and assets. Our Fire Safety Training Courses epitomize our passion for safety, translating into excellence in action.

Marine and Industrial Fire Safety Training

Our expansive Fire Safety Training Courses encompass the maritime and industrial sectors, specifically tailored to meet the unique demands and challenges of professionals operating in these high-risk environments.

Marine Fire Safety Training: Our courses provide crucial knowledge for addressing fire emergencies at sea, addressing the distinct complexities of maritime fire safety to ensure preparedness for life and vessel protection.

Industrial Fire Safety Training: Our training equips industrial fire crews with the skills needed to confidently manage fires in sectors like Pharma, Chemical, Oil & Gas, where fire hazards are substantial.

Guided by Highly Experienced Fire Service Trainers

At the heart of our training programs are expert instructors—highly experienced Fire Service Trainers. These professionals bring real-world expertise, actively serving in fire departments and firefighting. Their guidance imparts practical insights alongside theoretical knowledge, crucial during life-saving fire emergencies.

Private Trainee Fire Fighters Courses

For organizations requiring specialized training for future fire service recruits, our Trainee Fire Fighters Courses are available for private groups. These courses instill teamwork, discipline, and an unwavering commitment to safety, going beyond firefighting techniques.

EHS International believes fire safety is a shared responsibility, not just a duty. Our courses reflect our dedication to safeguarding lives and property. Join us on the journey toward a safer, more secure future. Contact us today to make a significant impact on safety; your safety remains our utmost priority.

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Elevating Fire Safety Services Excellence with EHS International Fire Equipment

We’re more than standard fire safety; we’re top-of-the-line safety. Our commitment extends to safeguarding lives and assets, focusing on extinguishing Lithium Ion Battery Fires.

A Multi-Faceted Approach

With expertise forged in a joint venture with Ferndale Fire, Emergency Fire & Safety (EFS), and Ferndale Lane Investments Limited, we tackle unique fire challenges.

1, Fire Extinguishing Agents: Our arsenal includes the Lithium battery Aerosol Fire Extinguisher, in various sizes, ready for any fire scenario.

2. Fire Suppression Systems: The aerosol containers and gel ACTIVE systems are meticulously designed for distinct fire scenarios, including Lithium Ion Battery Fires.

3. Fire Safety Equipment & Accessories: From Fire Resistant Battery Carriers to Premium Battery Fire Blankets, we offer comprehensive safety tools.

4. Experience Excellence in Fire Safety

We’re your dedicated partner in fire safety excellence. Collaborate with our expert team, leaving no stone unturned, from risk assessments to advanced firefighting technology.

5. Trust in a Safer Future

Choose EHS International for unmatched expertise and innovative solutions that inspire confidence and protect your assets. Contact us today.

Expert Emergency Response Team Training

At EHS International, our unparalleled Emergency Response Team (ERT) training ensures you’re prepared for any fire challenge. We offer tailored courses for Pharma, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Marine, and Offshore sectors.

Customized Training: We excel in customizing ERT programs to meet sector-specific needs. Whether in Pharma, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Marine, or Offshore, our training empowers your team to respond effectively in fire emergencies.

Cutting-Edge Training Center: Our new State of the Art Fire Centre in Little Island, Cork, offers an ideal setting for practical training and simulations, preparing your team for real-world scenarios.

Real-World Instructors: Our instructors are fire brigade pros and fire engineers, infusing practical insights into our courses for maximum effectiveness.

EHS International partners with Emergency Fire & Safety Ltd.

Founded by Kevin Howlette in 2010, EFS has grown steadily as a global name in the world for search & rescue. EFS are multi award winners who pride themselves in breaking new ground in training world and providing innovative services.

  • Fire Training
  • Fire Consultancy
  • Emergency Response Team Hire
  • Evacuation Systems
  • Water, Fire, Confined Spaces and Medical Rescue
  • First Aid

EHS International, Your Emergency Response Partner for Stand-By ERT Teams – Fire, Rescue, Confined Spaces

At EHS International, we take emergency response to the next level with our Stand-By Fire and Rescue Service. Our team members are not just professionals; they are full-time, experienced fire service personnel.

Qualified Team: Our team is composed of fire service experts with the qualifications, experience, and real-world knowledge that ensure they can handle any situation effectively. They are the backbone of our Stand-By ERT service, bringing unwavering dedication and professionalism to every mission.

Versatile Services: We offer Stand-By ERT services for various critical scenarios, including fire search and rescue, work at heights rescue, and confined space stand-by work. Whether your operation involves hazardous work environments, high elevations, or confined spaces, our experts are ready to safeguard lives and assets.

Customized to Your Needs: Our Stand-By ERT services are adaptable to meet your specific needs and those of your stakeholders. We understand that each situation is unique, and our goal is to provide tailored solutions that ensure the highest level of safety and protection.

EHS International is your trusted partner in emergency response.

Contact us today to see how EHS International can assist you, with your ERT Requirements!