Developing innovated solutions to address EHS challenges.

The international projects division specialises in developing new and innovative EHS engineering and process solutions for our clients.

Chris Mee Projects

International Projects Division

Chris Mee Projects

We have a rapidly expanding projects division. Our many EHS related projects are aimed at providing innovative engineering and/or process solutions to emerging or current safety or EHS challenges faced by our clients. All our solutions are made in full legal compliance -refer to the HSA website for more information in this regard.

This division is led by Mike Boyle, formerly Global Projects Director at Janssen Pharmaceutical Sciences.  The Projects division specialises in developing new and innovative EHS engineering and process solutions for our clients.

Current projects include:

Ferndale Fire Projects including sales of Fire fighting Robots  – see our dedicated website FERNDALE FIRE 

Setting Up a Fire and Rescue service for Harland and Wolfe in Belfast

Setting up a NEW service for Power Generation CLients – disposal of LI Batteries services FERNDALE FIRE  

Lithium Ion battery fire fighting services for ELECTRIC VEHICLES from FERNDALE FIRE  

  • Setting up a State of the Art Fire and Rescue Training centre at our 1.5-acre site near Cork city to service our clients in the ROI and NI

  • Fire Fighting solutions for Lithium-Ion battery fires over the full life cycle from manufacture phase to safe and environmentally approved disposal.  See our dedicated site FERNDALE FIRE  

  • Electric Vehicle Fire solutions including for Marine Transportation car carrier solutions; road fires and tunnel fires. This includes our patented EV car firefighting robot – the avenger  FERNDALE FIRE  

  • Waste Disposal sector firefighting solutions

  • Lithium-Ion battery disposal solutions

  • Ports and Harbours fire solutions and more

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Developing innovated engineering process solutions to address EHS challenges.  See our FERNDALE FIRE site

We are fully committed to using technology to expand the reach and scalability of our EHS services. We provide cutting edge technical solutions that give our clients a commercial advantage in their own sectors.

Safety and EHS Software solutions, The next generation of Online and Blended learning solutions, Audit Software, Sofware for the innovative generation of “iterative SOPs”, LO/TO Software solutions, Vehicle Safety technology and Accident/operation Simulator solutions.