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Chris Mee EHS Services

The New Chris Mee Group – EHS International has a unique services portfolio. Many companies provide only Safety, others provide only environmental.  At Chris Mee we provide all three EHS services, including Health.

Our services include but are not limited to Consultancy, Training, Recruitment, Carbon and Climate Change services, Fire Training and Stand-by services, Food Safety, a full range of Occupational Health services and many more.

Hazel O’Connor leads the EHS services division of the EHS International organisation.

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Investment & Acquisition

New Chris Mee Group – EHS International has an expanding investment division team that focuses on Investment and Acquisitions. Both in Ireland and internationally.

Our investment team identifies EHS companies and like-minded founder/owners that complement our range of EHS services.  We then invest in them or purchase them to bring them into our organisation.

This division of the organisation is currently led by Will Hogan, formerly a founding partner of Quintas tax and financial services.

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Chris Mee Projects

The New Chris Mee Group – EHS International has a rapidly evolving International projects group. Similarly, many of our EHS related projects are aimed at providing innovative engineering and/or process solutions to new emerging and current safety EHS companies.  

This division specialises in developing new and innovative EHS engineering and process solutions for our clients.

Our projects team is led by Mick Boyle, formerly of Jansen Pharmaceuticals engineering and projects division.

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Chris Mee Technology

New Chris Mee Group – EHS International embraces technology enthusiastically and uses technology to expand our reach and scalability.

Furthermore, we provide cutting edge technical solutions that give our clients a commercial advantage over their competitors in their own respective sectors.

This division is led by Chris Reardon formerly the Technology lead with Dell EMC. Our mission is to reshape environmental, health and safety services in Ireland but also on the international stage.